Genesis vibe

So I was at park with friends with my genesis in my pocket, being clumsy I skipped over the wet part of the ground and pretty much fell directly on to my genesis, and I’m pretty heavy. Anyway now my genesis has quite a bit of vibe, and I would really like to get rid of it. So any recommendations. If anything I assume it’s the axle, I know it’s not the bearing, I have really smooth ten ball in it. So anyone know a way I can fix it

Find a new axle you could most likely get one from a hardware store.

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Exactly this. The most likely culprit is the axle. Getting a new one is a cheap and easy first step. If you can’t find an M4 set screw of the appropriate length at the hardware store (or a bolt that you can cut down to size), they sell replacement axles here at YYE somewhere.

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Thank you, it’s cool to confirm the solution. ;D

Did that fix it? Because if you fall on a yoyo/ squish it, it will become Off Tolerance.

I have a DV888 1 of 1 modded. The guy who had it, fell on it like you, caused vibe like crazy. My friend re Tapped it, but it still has some vibe.

So, if you literally fell right on it, it might not be fixable.

But then again, you might have been lucky and just bent the axle.

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or you can set the axle/ whole genesis on a flat surface and roll it to see if there is any bend or curvature of it

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He could have bent the inside also…

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True fact. Before buying an axle, could always take the axle out and roll it on a “true” surface to see if it’s bent or not. Or use an axle from another yoyo. If it’s not the axle, you might be outta luck.

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If I were you I’d determine whether or not the axle is bent, or whether the threads have been damaged a little but then put a new axle in it anyway if you can. Just doing that alone can help clean up threads inside the yoyo, and so if you’ve created some vibe perhaps this will help regardless of whether the old axle is straight or not. And then, because you’re so upset that you’ve damaged your Genesis, you know you’re crying inside and everything, then you should feel totally justified in picking up a new yoyo to make yourself feel better :wink:

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Yep, I sure am crying inside, I guess I’ll have to sadly buy myself a new expensive yo-yo. if that even helps the pain. Maybe the Summit and then my pain will go away. But in all seriousness my axle doesn’t really look to be bent but the threads make it hard to tell. I’ll try replacing it anyway. If that doesnt work it’s a good thing this is in the mod section, I could probably find out how much re tapping would cost me.

I believe Landon Balk charges $20 for a high-quality retapping.

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That sounds like a really good deal, if replacing the axle doesn’t work here I’ll definitely give him a pm. In fact even if this works I have a DV888 and a Rec rev No. 9 that could use a retapping.

Actually while I’m in this thread, is it possible for me to get my No. 9 retapped considering the axle doesn’t pop out of the back.

Just make sure it’s the right size. Don’t force it in just to try it. We’ve had many cases of people messing things up with the wrong size axle.


Thanks for the concern, I made sure that I ordered the correct axle size from yoyoexpert. I’ll post back when I get it most likely in the next 2-3 days to see if it fixed the problem

Okay, so I replaced the axle, there is still some vibe but that may have been there before. When I do the finger test it’ll smooth out now whereas before it would just keep on vibrating like crazy. So overall success. Thank you to everyone that helped put and posted solutions.