Bad week

This has been a rough week for yoyos. A few days ago, I discovered a hairline fracture on the Rally I received for Christmas. Haven’t hit anything hard and it seems to be independent of anything else, like over-tightening. Just a random hairline fracture in part of the yoyo. Then, yesterday, I go to put my Genesis+ back together and the side that doesn’t normally unscrew completely stripped. I never tighten it past the normal stopping point, but while screwing it back together, it felt mushy. I unscrewed it and the threads from the body of the yoyo completely pulled out with the axle. I’m not sure how to accurately describe the frustration of all of this happening. I guess it’s time to send a few emails and see if anything can be done, but I just needed to vent this to folks who might understand. Thanks for reading, if you took the time.

That massively sucks, dude. Hope you’ve at least got some other throws to keep you entertained while these two get sorted out.


dang man that seems to be a reoccurring problem with genesis’s mine did the same send them some emails they replaced mine


Contact onedrop. I’m sure the guys there will take care of you.

That sucks man, Like people said above contact the manufacturers and I guarantee they will probably do something for you, YYF and OD are really good with customer service.

I’m glad to hear good response in similar situations. I’ve been working on composing emails. Really glad I’m not alone with the Genesis. That was a really weird experience and it’s good to hear I’m not alone. heh. On an unrelated note, the lock on my spyderco knife fell apart while in my pocket a couple of weeks ago, so apparently that’s the theme for the start of the year. I do still have the Shaqlerstar from the Mystery Box, which is pretty fun, so I’m not completely SOL in the meantime. Plays very smooth with my lightly lubed Twisted Trifecta.

p.s. Out of curiosity, who should I contact at One Drop? I was looking at their site and it’s unclear.

Not to be a negative nancy, but I doubt YYF will really do anything about the Genesis. A yoyo stripping is usually not part of their warranty.

I contacted them about a yoyo stripping and I had it for over a month and they fixed it and they sent me tons of stickers and string in top of it the people at yyf are great


I’ve never stripped a yoyo in my life, and some of mine I unscrew multiple times a day. I really don’t understand how it’s possible if you’re careful enough. :-\

As for the Rally, the weight ring is very tightly fitted, so variations in temperate could potentially cause the ring to expand and crack the plastic. It’s a problem I’ve heard come up before with other plastic w/ metal weight ringed throws. Haven’t seen it happen myself, but I live in the UK, so I’m not even sure what the sun looks like. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a side note though, all hail the mighty side effect! Eliminates the worry of stripping an axle, and is cheap to fix if you do by simply buying a new pair. Fantastic idea.

Gambit. I agree about the confusion, since I’ve handled this thing with kid gloves. I’ve made a point of not over-tightening that Genesis and have barely had it over 2 months. It was from the Mystery Box. I’ve read so many things about accidentally stripped axles from cranking down on the yoyo that I’ve been really careful. To screw it together, I would start the screw, then just spin it until it stopped and check that it wasn’t going to accidentally unscrew. The machining felt good so that I didn’t feel any need to apply further force. In this short of a period, I just can’t imagine how much force would need to be applied regularly to utterly destroy these threads.

Just thought I would mention this but the side effect style axle in the rallys are not supposed to be removed unlike their other yoyos.

Fair point, I really have no idea then. I’ve seen some people screwing on yoyos with such ferocity and carelessness, and then wondering why they strip. I, like you, do it very carefully and have never had any issues. Must be a design flaw or something if you were that careful. :confused:

Have you heard back from YYF?

Hmm, I had problems with mine too, and it was +too…

:stuck_out_tongue: I took mine out! But yeah, don’t! Unless you have too.

Gambit. I haven’t heard back from yyf yet. Emailed late yesterday night, so we’ll see. I know it’s a case of people just taking my word for it, but that’s just kind of the way these things go. This is part of why my original post was about it being frustrating, especially when you’re making every effort to be gentle