RIP Hubstack Genesis

Well, the female threads on my hubstack genesis stripped out officially today. What a shame, because it was my favorite throw to play. I unscrew my DM2 10x more than this one so I’m not sure why this one stripped out. I never over tighten or cross thread, I’ve been a plumber for years before college and know how to thread a screw perfectly. It was just bad metal on the inside. I am a disappointed like heck this happened, and a little surprised. Don’t know if I will ever purchase another YYF yoyo again. Im glad I got it in my mystery box and didn’t spend the $100. I sure hope this doesn’t happened to my protostar, good thing I only use it sparingly.

RIP: Genesis - You were great while I had you, always forgiving me on my bad throws, spinning like a champ, never vibing…you were just great…

Just for reference it was my everyday throw since Dec 25th. It only lasted 3 months and 8 days. Played it for about 30 min - 1 hour a day.

:’( he was too young.

I know :’(

Hit up yoyofactory

Their customer service is one of the best and they might be able to help you out somewhat with it

If anything I’d hold onto it since you can get it retapped by landon for fairly cheap

OMG, retap that sucker! haha, I can probably go get a cheap tap at the local hardware or something, not sure what I would do for an axle tho. I think ill hit YYF up first and see if they will do anything about it. I guess its worth a try. Great Idea man.

Happend to my Genesis to. Kind of pissed me off for a couple days. Now it’s just sitting in my case

yeah try to retap it, for the axle all you need is the right size set screw, that’s all an axle is

Not happy to hear it, but still glad I’m not the only one. Maybe they will replace them for us if we all send them letters lol.