Genesis w/hubstacks, $35 shipped; prefer to sell

I would prefer to sell, but feel free to offer trades

Extremely near mint (1 tiny pinprick, doesn’t break ano) except that on one half of the yoyo, the top 2 threads of the axle seat have been stripped. Still plays like new I was still able to screw the axle in, but used teflon tape just to be safe and tuned out some of the mild vibe while I was at it.

Offer any trades. I’ve got decent list of wants. If you have a yoyo with a higher value than my genesis and want to get rid of it, i could give you the genesis plus some cash (paypal) for it.

(Still has the light vibe it came with. I’m not the best at tuning though, so I can ship some extra teflon tape if you want) you can have the 9 strings in the picture for free

still up for sale? msg. me im interested