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aw dude, sorry to hear, my genesis plays like a dream (not the hbstacked one tho). sounds like u just need to get a new axle, and make sure u dont over tighten…

ok i would DEFINTLY e-mail yyf or the place you got it from but one place at a time :wink:
i would e-mail yoyofactory first i heard they have grat coustomer sevice
i THINK their e-mail is you could also PM yoyofactoryben on this fourm
they should either fix it or replace it
it sucks your new yoyo broke

Ok, I’ve had similar problems with new yoyos and I know exactly what went wrong. Whenever I get a new YYF, they arent always closed all the way and there is alot of friction between the inner race of the bearing and the non- bearing half bearing seat . If you get a new one, open it up and put a little thin lube on the place where the inner race of the bearing sits on the NON- bearing half. This will allow the yoyo to close completely without much friction and that annoying squeeking sound. This should smooth out your yoyo especialy a wide yoyo like a Genesis as it did with my Severe. 8)
P.S.: That 888+ G5 vid you made is very noobish ::slight_smile:

if you want ill trade it for my 888

z stacks will make pretty mush any yoyo with hubstacks more vibey other than the G5 as it is designed for all types of stacks. i would contact yoyofactory about this.

Personally I wouldn’t say this is a review, this is more like a thread for the help boards.

Contact yoyofactoryben about it. also more information on the axle would be handy, I’m sure you’re angry about it, but think it through clearly about what you should do instead of making a review about a defective product.

Whenever a friend of mine is given advice, he does it overexaggerated, I lent him a FAST 201, told him the tighter it is the more likely to be responsive, when I got it back, the Orings were smushed so much they came out and were rubbing on the bearing. IDK what this has to do with anything but yeah. oh wait, yes a yoyo should be tight, You should just use normal force, with slightly less your hands should slide on the surface, depending on the yoyo.

Your case is probably unusual and almost no one else will have this problem when they purchase one, and if they do they’ll be able to contact YYF about it.
also number scores=bleh in yoyos.

The yoyo not being screwed all the way is your fault, not YYF’s. You probably forced it out, which caused the yoyo to unscrew. And the fact that it has hubstacks ruins the idea of stability. And of course, Z-Stacks would make it worse. And they never said that for the hubstacked version. A yoyo with hubstacks, can’t really be that stable. And don’t even bother to write a review if your just going to use no capitals, bad grammar, and just criticize the yoyo and recommend different yoyos. And also the yoyo being to big to take out of the box is not a problem, and it’s not big at all. It’s easy, and your just making it sound worse than it is.

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