YoYofactory G5 issue.

See the video for what I discovered after receiving my brand new G5 from yoyoexpert.

Just letting everyone know. And I hope this is not the case with all of the G5 yoyos going out right now.

Looks like the last minute and half or so of my video didn’t upload properly. I will fix it when youtube is done processing for the second time.

The rubber orings in hub stacks can get kind of a dry rot after time. I bought an old model skyline from someone that had done the same thing. The orings are available at any hardware store. I’m sure you can contact yye as well and they will send you a couple. It’s a pretty easy fix.

Darn, you got to answer it before me :stuck_out_tongue:

Its just a bummer that it came that way. Being a brand new yoyo out of the box and all.

I wonder if the G5’s are now coming from old stock that is being shipped out.

Can anyone confirm this?

I don’t think it would be a good retail business practice to throw away items that didn’t sell out right away. :slight_smile:

Weren’t the last run of g5’s made in 2014? I could be 100% wrong. It wasn’t too long ago though

Does anyone know if the bonus set of regular hubstacks come with their own o-rings or bearings? If I was to get one, I’d like to have the back up hardware.

They don’t come with extra orings or anything. You don’t need them, you can just slip the plastic stacks off without taking anything off the yoyo.

Fasted solution: 007 size oring. Probably get a handful for a quarter at a hardware store.

Slower (not by much): contact youoexpert or YoYoFactory directly.

Just letting everyone know.

FYI: You’ll find them in the plumbing section.

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Well, in this case, he does need them. :wink: But, I’ve never been able to slip the stacks off without pulling the bearing and o-ring off along with it. Do you use something to hold them on while you pull off the stacks?

Hubstacks: pliers padded with something like a paper towel or something. I use a rocking back and forth motion to get them off. Z stacks I just use my fingers with the same back and forth motion.

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Thanks! I’ll give that a try next time.

Let me get this straight, now…>>> You got a $104 yoyo for $30.

And even though you made a purchase that basically saved you $74; you felt compelled to enlighten others on just how close we all might be to Bankruptcy court.

So; you went to the trouble of making a Public Service Announcement in video form to warn the other Villagers of a potential financial nightmare in the form of 2 10 cent (.007) orings.

It is notable that a chosen few will step up to the plate and uncover the unintentional injustices in the Business World.


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YoyoDoc -

Why are you being so rude?

Imagine all dumpster diving yoyoers! Really any yoyo with rubber parts should have a sell by date. ;D

Yeah, but who knows when the o-rings were made? Dry rot is really weird too. I have lots of old yoyos with o-rings including on Hubstacks, and they’re still fine. However, I’ve also seen rubber just go bad really quickly. Not sure what causes it. Maybe it got hot at one point, or maybe it’s a microorganism? I know there are bugs that eat oil spills…

Don’t misalign my intention because you didn’t like my response. Rude is not applicable here.

You score a Yoyo at less than 1/3 of the Retail price. Then you discover the orings are toast. Instead of reaching out to the Manufacturer or whoever you got it from; you were compelled to go to the time and trouble to literally make a video presentation about this Crushing blow to what you had thought was a Killer deal.

In the 18+ years I have been messing with yoyos; I have Never seen a less expensive part used in a yoyo design. Halves, caps, bearings, axles, response pads, even Cheap strings; cost more than replacing two .007 black orings.

Not only super inexpensive but easy to find. With the money you saved you could buy 1000 orings.

You emphasize that, ‘This shouldn’t happen to something New in the box’.

Like it was a premeditated attempt to undermine the positivity of the human race.

Notice in your video you even display a sorta serious, how could this happen to someone demeanor.

Come on… you went Waaaay over the top for the most petty reason. You literally made a mountain out of a mole hill.

So your solution to your tragic happenstance was to make a Video Slap at Yoyofactory for two 10 cent parts :flushed:.

Perspective, reality and low grade humor were my intentions; in that specific order.

If you find my response ‘rude’ you are simply failing to recognize you could have been much more effective in solving your totally minor problem.

And… My response couldn’t be that ’ rude’ or it would have rated another Video🤓

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Your right. I am misunderstanding this whole situation. But I think I have it now.

Yes I did make a video about it. It was actually easier than trying to describe what I had found and seemed simpler than trying to upload pictures. I figured that people would understand the video easier. But in this case I guess I was wrong. I should have just uploaded pictures to avoid any overreactions. Please note that my intention was not to come down on yoyofactory. I own plenty of yoyofactory yoyos and hope to own more in the future.

You make it sound as if someone should just deal with any defects a yoyo may have so long as they got a good deal on it. I disagree. If a yoyo is sold “As New” (in the packaging) someone shouldn’t have to be instructed to go to a hardware store to fix it. (Regardless of how cheap the part may be.)

Nevertheless and notwithstanding that is exactly what I have done. I have not reached out to yoyoexpert or to yoyofactory. Instead I just fixed it myself with the advice that has come through this thread. Thank you for all of your input.

Sorry I missed this! Looks like you already solved the problem, but in the future don’t hesitate to contact us with any issues.

The G5 is an older model and some of the o-rings can get dried out and cracked. Send us an email and we’d be happy to ship you a pair of o-rings if you still need them.