YoYofactory G5 issue.

Even better is a yoyo string slipped underneath the stacks, no damage to the hubstacks.

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Another good idea! Thank you. I’ve been using a chip remover tool which is essentially some big tweezers with bent ends, but I’m definitely hooking under the bearing as I do it. This causes me to pull the entire “assembly” off (stack, bearing and o-ring). It’s ok. I mean, it’s not a big deal to put them back on, but I haven’t spent a lot of time talking yoyo maintenance. It’s neat to see how other people do things or don’t do things. Sorry to derail the thread, though. :smiley:

I wouldn’t say he’s being rude. I have read a lot of his posts and he seems to come off more as “crass” for lack of a better term. Where as the definition of crass is lacking sensitivity, refinement, or intelligence I would say his replies definitely HAVE intelligence and refinement but lack in sensitivity. Some people are just like that. Maybe that’s just how he his and you just gotta take his replies as he just means well but could come off bit nicer. He seems like a very blunt individual and kind of just “tells you how it is”. At least that is what get from what posts of his I have read.

Nah… You got it all wrong… He isn’t Crass at all. He is just a rude jerk. Trust me; you don’t know him like I do. He has a real low tolerance for people that act dumb for no apparent reason. In this thread for instance. You have the OP jumping right into YYF for a 20 cent problem; without even contacting them first. He literally makes a public service type Video; making a big deal out of nothing much. He not only didn’t Contact YYF; he didn’t even contact the Store where he bought the G5 to see if they could correct the problem.

I would identify that move as a form of ‘rudeness’ in itself. Calling somebody out in public without first giving them the chance to make things right in private.

Yoyodoc doesn’t usually come into threads with a box of Kleenex and box of Chocolates. He just brings a solid irrefutable dose of reality and a Clown bat.

He knows he comes off more like a Drill Instructor than Father Orielly; but the message should take precedence over ‘the tone’.

He occasionally notes that if a person has thin skin or doesn’t care for his non-candy coated posts; to simply not read them and save themselves from any mental anguish.

Yoyodoc doesn’t post to make friends. He most often posts to make sense of things.

Facts don’t need whip cream on them.

PS Shuag seems to be a really nice guy. I know he has to be nice in general because after reading Yoyodocs’ posts and quoting various segments; he didn’t try to get an attitude and escalate anything. He obviously realized he simply could have approached his problem differently and more effectively.

We all take turns messing up something. It just happened to be Shuags’ turn.

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Yeah, my turn was last week.