Need a G5 2010 Edition Review


Ok so I just want to know you guys opinion on the G5. I saved up a lot of money and I might buy it. Does it come with normal hubstacks with the z-stacks? And also is it undersized or full size?

  1. Comes w/ only Z-stacks
  2. It is a full sized H-shape yoyo.


alright here we go
i got my G5 last week. I am COMPLETELY SATISFIED. I thought it would come with the hubstacks but it doesn’t. it comes as the picture shows. The play is AMAZING. i mean i don’t think it’s possible to throw it and have vibe even if you tried. the rim weight is incredible and if you’re learning a trick and the it begins to turn, you just grab the stacks and guide it back. the feel of the g force when you move it back and forth while holding it in your by the stacks is truley just mind boggling. the possibilities are really quite endless with the additionn of them. the finish is so smooth and if you decide to take the z stacks off then the lip is still beast for thumb grinds. i was just like you before i ordered it. skeptic. but i’m so glad that i ended up getting it. the spin times are amazing. and i haven’t done anything to it. the only addition i’ve got is dice stacks and they’re pretty darn cool. honestly i have them on more than the z stacks because they’re so much quieter. and i’m planning on getting the long stacks and tip tops kit too. Anyways, over all i would give it a 10/10 on play and shape and smoothness and everything else. it’s SUCH a good throw. you wouldn’t/won’t be dissappointed. i have no regrets. :wink:


If I want to get normal hubstacks what would I get? The replacement kit?


nope. just the stacks. i think they’re eight bucks? but yeah it already comes with the bearings and O rings. the only time you would buy the whole 20$ kit is if you lost your bearings. but you use the same bearings for all the attachments i.e. z stacks, hub stacks, dice/rice stacks and so on. :wink: