I cant seem to find anyone selling these brand new and cant find anywhere that says theyre discontinued. Main reason i wanted one is the z stacks, is it possible to z stack any other good yoyos, like a superstar or hubstacked genesis or somethn. Thanks. :wink:

I have a G5 in the mail if your interested, but i believe that you can put them on any yoyo they fit on.

Ok thanks i think i’ll just save up some cash for a superstar and try that… but thanks for the offer. :wink:

Check the Z-Stack page to see what yoyos they got on.

The G5 has been Discontinued momentarily(Mighty Flea To) BUT. They are both coming back out this year sometime.

Z-Stacks fit on every hubstack yoyo, but some stick out.

Lies. They do not fit in Skylines. The edge of the z stack rubs against the inner wall of the yoyo.

O, Sorry I haven’t tried z-Stacks on a skyline. Sorry! Almost every hubstack yoyo :).

THEY WERE DISCONTINUED!!! They are fairly cheap on the bst.

Ben said they are coming back out in 2013, or at least a yoyo like a G5 like maybe a G6?

G6? now they’re just playing MagicYoyo. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the feedback. i guess i will wait to see what 2013 has to offer. :wink:

A yoyo that’s similar to a G5, but it’s like a G6? That sounds pretty fly.

/Extremely subtle pun.

Hahaha thats funny bro. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yup that’s what Ben said, G5 is coming back in 2013, And someone mentioned it might become a FLY G6.

Now I’m feelin so fly like a G6. Like a G6. :smiley:

mine fit but it just causes terrible vibe

I have a mint factory raw G5, I’ll sell or trade it to you for the right offer:D

It doesn’t have Z stacks in it though. You’ll have to buy A set if you don’t have them already.

Thats why you PM him :).

Good try, but that wouldn’t quite work since the G5 was named such because it was the 5th model to come out in the old Project Red Alert line, all of which before then had the word Grind in their name (Grind Machine, Grind Monster, etc), hence the G. The 6th slot in the lineup has long since been filled. Fun fact: the 888 got its name by bring the 8th installment of Project Red Alert.

Back on topic, my personal favorite non-G5 throw with z stacks is definitely the Genesis. It’s quite hefty (I seem to remember it weighing in at over 70 grams), but the stacks fill out the hub perfectly, and I feel that I could milk out quite a bit more spin time and stability out of it than I could the G5.

I didn’t say that I read it :).