Let’s just cut to the chase. On one of my previous posts: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,27090.0.html

I asked the community to tell me what yo-yo I should get, but a new topic has been brought to my attention, “Z-Stacks” (I still haven’t chosen a Yo-Yo to get yet.)

Here’s the thing, I am not a particular fan of thumb grinds, and am willing to part with them. Z-Stacks seem to be like hubstacks for n00bs. The questions I would like answered are:

  1. I know Yo-Yo’s like the “G5” come with Z-stacks, but can any Yo-Yo (That has the out of the box ability to use hubstacks) use Z-Stacks?
  2. If the Yo-Yo “isn’t” compatible with Z-Stacks, what is the worst that happens? For example: vibration or the yoyo bearing getting messed up.

We ARE dealing with Yo-Yo’s in the $80-$110 range such as the Hubbed Genesis, the 888x, superstar, and the G5. So try to keep your comparisons to these Yo-Yo’s.

(Post Script: Why was the “Synergy” Yo-Yo canceled?:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCUH2kdjbKk&feature=related

It looked like an awesome product. But instead we only got poor man’s hubstacks? The logic! IT BURNS!)

The synergy was canceled because they tended not to play nice. They caused some yoyos to wobble and vibrate. I have no experience w/them or with Z-stacks, but I’ve heard that Z-stacks will do the same. They worked ok when they came stock with the yoyo, but were not as successful as a retrofit item.

EDIT: Note my emphasis…

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False. I’ve used 888s, Skylines, Superstars, and many other hubstack yoyos with Z-Stacks and they worked just fine. They add a bit of vibe, but if you’re gonna cry about that just stay away from hubstack yoyos in general. Stay away from the PGM as well. Like, miles away. That’s one of the only hubstack yoyos that literally doesn’t work with Z-Stacks.

As stated in the original post, I am not using a PGM, only the 80-100 dollar range,

It is true that they vibrate and cause vibe or wobble. True. Sometimes they don’t but most of the time, they do.

Your edit seems as if you thought I was directly debunking you, personally. I stated that what you have heard/assumed is not correct, and then listed the yoyos that worked.

No need for headaches and edits, I got what you said :wink:

The only other options for zstacks will take you out of your price range

Epic - $124

54 + RSM(if you can find them) - $130

But if you get the 54 you can still play with it until you find someone that has the RSM’s or OneDrop releases more