Some questions about zstacks.....


1 do zstacks only work on Yoyofactory?
2 do they work on ALL Yoyofactory?
3 do they work on other brands or some specific yoyos? If so plz specify

And any other helpful info would be greatly appreciated

(UmeNagisa) #2

They work on any yoyo that takes hubstacks.
But they can cause a really bad wobble, on some yoyos
such as the PGM


Can you be specific? Z-stacks work on any yoyo that comes stock with hubstacks. However if it doesn’t, like the Supernova, Boss, most plastics, and some versions of the Genesis and Catalyst, and others, you cannot use them.


1: They work on any compatible yoyo that uses an A-sized bearing for the stack, and as long as there is enough space in the rim. I think that’s just YYF for now.

2: No. Let me know after you get done hubstacking a Protostar, MVP, Northstar and a Dynasty.

3: They won’t work on Magic YoYO as they use a different sized bearing. I’m not sure what my Duncan MoMentuM uses for the stack bearing but it has Z-type stacks. My Epic uses Ta-Tas which are the same, but different.


Listen to studio. The will work on the starfire

(kclejeune) #6

I found they just get stuck on smaller YYF’s. 888, Skyline, etc.