Yoyofactory and Duncan help!!!


So I’m lookin to get a great yoyo from each of the 5 main brands

Clyw chief
Od diets
Yyj dm2

So after trying out some stuff I’m down to 2. Duncan and Yoyofactory. But I would like one of the yoyos I buy to have zstacks on them. I know many Yoyofactory yoyos work with zstacks I just dont know which works the best with them. I also know that Duncan has the momentum that has something like zstacks so my question is shoul I get a stacked yyf and like a great Duncan non stacked or a momentum and a non stacked Yoyofactory???

Please help thanks!!!


Momentum is not very popular, so I don’t know what to say, but all the yyf that have hub stacks can be equipped with z stacks. I reccomend the hub stack genesis, or catalyst (it comes with the stacks included.)


yyf: z-stacked catalyst
Duncan: the magnitude(magnetic z-stacks)


The DNA with Z Stacks plays incredible.

It has amazing float on the string.

Definitely look into the DNA with Z’s.