What's the best zstacked yyf


And can the avant garde 2 even be zstacked


I’ve seen those Z-Stacked Catalysts. I believe they are only $75. I don’t think you can Z-Stack an Avant Garde without modding.


I think you could z stack the avant if you get pgm posts it’s possible, but don’t quote me on it this is an assumption.

(UmeNagisa) #4

It can’t.
There isn’t any space to fit the stacks in the cup.


Wait for the new yyf g5 or find a g5 an BST


The DNA with Z Stacks is pretty sick.

That is if you love floaty throws.


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I have owned most of the YYF throws that were intended for Z stacks. I found the G5 neat but too narrow. My previous favorite was the California, traditional shaped. Current winner is the stacked Catalyst modern yet comfortable.

I have also jammed the Z’s on others like the 888, skyline and PGM1 & 2 (not very good).

I would figure they might work really well on a Split Decision…


ya im gonna try a catalyst i think. got ur dm2 today lets exchange feedback noe.

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Dude, don’t get a yoyo just because it’s z-stacked, hubstacked, or anything stacked. Yes, they’re cool for the first ten minutes and maybe for a little while after that, but they start to become a serious nuisance. They start to become somewhat annoying and just become unnecessary and completely useless. Every yoyo that I received that came with stacks on them, I took them off, and they play SO much better without them it’s crazy. Please don’t get a yoyo just because it has stacks on it. Trust me, it’s a newbie trap you don’t wanna get into.


I beg to differ. I have had my Genesis z-stacked for about a month now. I love it so much, great for making cool tricks. I think having a z-stacked yoyo in your collection is awesome.