Z stacks are the things that make u able to hold the yoyo while it's spinng rite


If so what yoyo would u reccomend that is zstack enabled?

(M.DeV1) #2

Yes that is what they are. You could grab a z stacked catalyst now or wait for the 2013 G5 (the yoyo the Z-stacks were designed for)


Personally, I would wait for the 2013 G5


How much will it cost? When does it come out?

(kclejeune) #5

Agreed. If only they worked on a skyline…

I’d guess in the next few months. It will probably be around the 100 range. No more than 120.


Z stacks will fit in a skyline… Just barely.


The non-stacked Catalyst is a great throw. I’m sure the stacked is as good as stacks get.


While technically not Z-stacks, the Epic by Madhouse I feel is one of the best stacked yoyos. They call their spinners “ta-ta’s”. This is an obnoxiously loud yoyo, just so you’re warned.

The Magic YoYo T9 and T10 as well as N9 are also available in “z-type stack” configurations as well as the hub stacked configurations.

The SuperStar and Mutant DNA(I have these as well) are compatible with the YYF Z-Stacks.

The Duncan MoMentuM also has Z-type stacks on it.

Some people say this stacked play is a novelty. I don’t completely agree. I will admit I don’t have the knowledge and the skill to really fully take advantage of what the potential play is with stacked yoyos. I do buy all sorts of stuff, and I like variety and options. I can always choose to NOT take advantage of a feature.