Has anyone else tried z stacks on something that's not a g5?

I’ll be trying it on an 888 tomorrow

Havnt seen you in a while. It works.

I’ve used z-stacks on most of the stacked YYF metals. They all worked just fine. It will usually add a bit of vibe/wobble, but overall, it works.

Z-stacks make things yucky…

Yea… I take a break sometimes, then when I cone back my skill takes off again

My brothers Rainbow zstacks form his G5 don’t work on my skyline. They get stuck lol

They work on my superstar and 888 but the vibe makes them not worth it in my opinion.

I use them on grind machine 2’s - preferred to g5 because sideways tricks seem more stable, and the yoyo is a bit wider… has anyone ever tried it on a severe or any extremely wide yoyo?

my advice. invest in an Epic from MadHouse

Do not put them on a Skyline whatever you do!

888 and a pgm a pgm with zstacks=awsome stint pegs

My verdict: I’ve hooked them up to my 888 and the result is bliss, I can catch the stacks way easier and not have to worry about killing the yoyo in the middle of a trick… It dosnt cut stability or sleep time, just makes it a little noisier

sry but, what is zstacks :slight_smile:

the spinning side caps that come equipped with a G5 from YYF. Most Stacked yoyos can accept them like Skyline, 888X, and Superstars