is the g5 really that durable


alright i was reading the stack kit deffinition and i saw that andre typed that yoyofactory only recomended it for the g5 because of the “Strudyness” is it really that sturdy? because i was going to save up for an 888 but i now want to save up for a g5 because it will be a good longer lasting yoyo for me what do you think?

(Shisaki) #2

well, all yoyos last long, I mean if you dont ding or scratch it they can last for quite a few years. Z-stacks are made for G5’s cuz i think it wont make it wobble as much as when you put them on like a superstar. I think the 888 is too small for them but idk.


Yes, it is durable. Pretty much any metal yoyo is durable.


YoYoFactory has a pretty hard metal and they use pretty solid ano. This means that if you hit the yoyo on the ground it will most likely not ding.

You don’t want your yoyos looking like this…

The toughness will be about the same in a G5 as an 888. The stability will be a little more in the G5 because of the increased rim weight.


They mean it is sturdy when Z-Stacks are on it, they wont last any longer than an 888.

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i dont know what ure talking about

FYI the z stack where origanly made for the 888 but not put on becuse for the affect it has on its play. the G5 got them becouse with its unique shape (h-shape) it was better sutied for it. The G5 is very i mean very stable yoyo due to the shape, and if u like undersized yoyos and like the shape of the G5 the skyline is right for u. If u like the rounded shape the 888 is right for u. if u want the same shape of the 888 full sized u get the DNA or mutan DNA :wink:

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Oh, ok, thats the reason I put the idk theres cuz I wasn’t sure. But I was pretty sure it would cause some wobble or vibe on a 888 or something if it fit.


I do not understand what you guys are getting to here, the Z-Stack Kit was not made for the 888, but for the G5. It will cause wabble on an 888, and will also be hard to fit.

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i asked andre. the z stacks where ORIGANLY made for the 888 but then came when they found out that they would cause wablle or vibe.