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PLEASE LIST ALL YOYOS that were made for stacks/come with stacks butonly big ones not little ones like hubstacks. list all NOT in the 5 main companies of YYE (Duncan clyw yyf yyj Od)

*** After searching through every brand all I could find was a madhouse epic is that it ???***


K guys stop…
I’d just get a superstar, its fast and has hubstacks. Or a genesis+.


There’s tge old yyf long stacks. Or z stacks


I know a couple Magic Yoyos have them.


Um why don’t you buy a regular hubstacked yoyo and buy Z-Stacks and put them on? It works well with the Genesis+, and the Superstar I’m sure does great with them too. Just an idea, since Z-Stacks rarely come stock on yoyos. There is also magic yoyo, I think it was the T9 that does really well with the Z-Stacks, but I hear they are loud.


You should buy a g5 or a superstar and z stacks, they play great. But you will get tired of the hubstacks and z stacks really fast.


This. I find stacks add unnecessary vibe, and are fun for a while, but the novelty quickly diminishes.

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Hubstacks aren’t really that good, let alone z-stacks. If you really want to be cool, get a yoyo with some hard-core matador spikes. They actually take some skill, look way better than stacks, and they don’t make the yoyo play crappy. Did I mention how awesome they look, pocky-pal?


What yoyos have them? What do they do?


Get the madhouse epic… Its awesome…

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Pretty much any yoyo with spikes on the side. Look around. I think the Square wheels Royale has pretty sharp spikes.