Is it possible to Zstack a DNA/mutant DNA/ anybody ever tried a zstacked DNA??


the DNA plays UNREAL with hubstacks… aree they compatible with zstacks?

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Yes. Most hubstack models will fit Z stacks.


Yes, it’s possible. I wasn’t a fan of the Z-Stacked DNA. It was just too heavy for me. You may like it though, if you’re in to heavy, solid throws.


was it dead smooth like a hubstacked dna is?


Yeah, I guess. There wasn’t a terrible vibe or anything, and it played pretty smooth. Some of you guys who are really sensitive to vibe may have found some.


would u say its better than a madhouse epic?


Z stacks are never quiet. They make a yoyo sound awful. I’m not a fan. They are only fun for like 10 minutes


I think the Madhouse Epic is the best stacked yoyo I’ve ever played. However, it is a super noisy yoyo as a result.

I’ve never had any Z-Stacks get “abnormally” noisy. I will agree they make noise, but it’s not like the Epic. Wow, Epic is loud.

As far as “how fun are stacks”: To each their own. I do have stacked yoyos so I have options. I currently lack both the skill and creativity to really effectively utilize them. Again, I like having options.


I love the DNA with its stock hubstacks. It’s smooth and just the right weight. The details were perfectly executed.

When I put Z-stacks on, it was much noisier and heavier (+4.2g). You get a gentle rumble from the big stacks. Really took away from the “luxury” I credit the DNA with. Didn’t last too long for me; I swapped them back out. I wouldn’t mind selling mine.

However if you want to grab the stacks and play that way, it is fun and easy. It think it plays great for that. Just seems like a waste of a DNA.

I did not like the DNA with no stacks. But if you have a DNA, it’s pretty inexpensive to try. :slight_smile:


Yup after trying things out I Agree with you 100 percent


I liked mine with Z-Stacks.

It played good.

Although I loved it stack-less, with nubs.