Z Stacks on a YYF DNA?

Has anyone tried out Z Stacks on a DNA? Just wondering if it causes any issues to the yoyo spinning. I’ve heard that the yoyo’s that Z Stacks work with is very specific. Don’t want to buy them and find out they don’t work.

Z-stacks cause a pulsating vibe on my 888x.

I’ve heard about that on the 888, wondering since the DNA is larger if it still would do that.

My DNA acts up when z-stacks are equipped. They cause a pulsating vibe that vibes for maybe a second or two at a time and then stops. Wouldn’t recoMmend them for the DNA.

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I don’t like them on the DNA but that might just be my preference. Very noisy, and the initial “rumbling” of the Z-stacks off some throws takes away from the elegance and refinement that I think the yo-yo normally has. The play is fine I suppose, just with a heavier feel. Regens can be especially “rumbly”.

Bottom line is that there are tradeoffs as with everything. Extra noise, extra weight, and that occasional “rumbling” which diminishes as the yo-yo spins. But the Z-stacks do what you want; they’re super-easy to grab!

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