yyf 888x with z stacks


if i put z stacks on a 888x will they stick out off the side and in the way?


If they stick out from the sides, it will only be by a little but and shouldn’t be in the way. The Z-stacks are only a bit wider than regular stacks. That’s done to accommodate the bearing for the stack and strength for the stack attachment(a bit of extra plastic in the molding to give it more plastic where the stack meets the disc, for lack of a better description). It will definitely not be in the way.

I have some Z-Stacks on order. Not sure if it’s going in my SuperStar or Mutant DNA yet.


They fit for the most part. They will wiggle and graze the halves if you miss the middle of the z-stack (in my experience). Fun though.


ya i have some Zstacks on my zen 3 by shinnwo and it vibrates out of control will that happen on the 888x you think

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I’ve played an 888x with z-stacks. In fact, most of the time I had my 888x, I was using them.

It’ll spin alright, then vibe like mad as the stacks match the speed of the yoyo, and then calm down again. The transition is usually only a couple seconds, and doesn’t really affect play a whole lot.

And yeah, they fit just fine.