If i put Z-Stacks on a splashed 888.11 could i still see the splash?


Because I really want to get a 888.11, (I have a 888x and DV888) and put Z-stacks on, what color would you recommend?

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Aren’t Z-Stacks clear?


Not all. There are tons of colors for them, blues, greens, yellows. Clear is just one of the many types.

As for the 888.11, I’d suggest finding either some clear, trans blue, or trans purple. I think that would look awesome!


Z-stacks would give an 888 some pretty bad wobble. Just saying.


That’s not always true. While Z-stacks can give wobble, it’s not always going to. I’ve had an 888 with z-stacks on it, it was still as smooth as normal. The other 888 I had had wobble, but to the OP, if you already have Z-stacks, it wouldn’t hurt to try for yourself. The ting to remember, the Z-stacks will also add weight, so it may make it play differently than you’d like


I’ve put z-stacks in my 888s before. Here’s what I can contribute to this.

Putting z-stacks on an 888 really isn’t a great idea. Since the 888 is undersized, you can’t fit a string between the yoyo and z-stack to pull the stacks off. Once the z-stack is on, you’ll pretty much have to slide a knife under the z-stack and pop it off. This will risk scratching the paint.

If you do want to put them on though, you will most likely not be able to see the splash… at all.

Z-stacks on an 888 don’t necessarily make it wobble, but they do make it less balanced. Horizontal tricks and gyro flops will be A LOT more difficult and feel pretty awkward (especially horizontals). The z-stacks will also make your 888 pretty loud.

Personally, I would suggest using z-stacks on something more in the catagory of G5, Grind Machine 2, Superstar, or stacked Genesis. They can prove to be a bit of a pain on an 888.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


you can get z stacks see through… and i have to nay say that aleged vibe… the z stacks do not effect my 888 in any way other than its noisier, not aditional vibe