Z-Stacks On 888x? How do they affect spin quality? How much or how bad?


I was just looking for some Z-Stacks for my 888x and when I saw them it said qualifies yoyos and it showed the 888x and it also said below that that if on the 888x it could lessen spin quality. I’m wondering if it really damages the spin quality or if it’s still usable as well as normal hubstacks. If anyone knows please answer my question it would be really appreciated.


Z stacks will definitely effect the spin performance…way more so than standard hubstacks.
Z stacks perform better on some yoyos (due to weight distribution) than other yoyos.
My experience has showed that larger diameter and heavier yoyo’s like G5 or original Superstar tend to perform better. They will work on an 888 but they are obnoxiously loud and will cause notable vibration.


Ok Thanks But I Will Still Test It Out :).