hubstack question

Are the hubstack on a 888x easy to catch if you just throw it up in the air. ???
I was thinking about getting a g5 or 888 for there hubstacks.
I know alot of people hate hubstacks ,but I think I would like them.

Can anyone give me a spin time with and without hubstacks. Thanks

If you want to catch the yoyo in the in air I would get g5 because it has z stacks and both sleep long

they are hard as crap to catch, try z stacks

Dont try z-stacks because if you do not catch them in the center of the stacks the yoyo will wobble off axis. Z-stacks are the stupidest invention. :confused:

In short, dont worry about hubstacks because you will get tired of them in a week.

that ma’m is a lie.

No its not? Its basic physics. The more that is spinning the more chance you will get a wobble. Expecially when you change the point of rotation. Just learn to catch normal stacks. It looks way better anyways.

what are you talking about, I myself have an 888x with z stacks, i have never had any wobble when catching the stacks on the sides.


that would make sense if the z stacks were spinning. that would cause wobble. but because they are not spinning while the yoyo does, it is like sticking a ball bearing on a pencil and then holding the pencil with pliers at a 90 degree angle. does holding it away from the center of rotation cause wobble if the center of rotation is being held by something else? no.

i would get G5. more stable and it comes with zstacks. longer spin time too. but, it does play a little slow.

oh i thought he said he had tried them and liked them. yeah if you have not tried them, get a PGM. dont spend $100 on a novelty.

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I have to side with Mi on this one. Don’t get a yoyo just for the hubstacks. If you can’t try a friend’s yoyo with stacks, then get a PGM to try, unless the yoyos you look at fit your preferences and happen to have hubstacks.

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My friend has an 888 and lets me play with it a lot. If your looking for something with the easy stack catches i would suggest the g5 because of the z-stacks but if you just want stacks for something to mess with i would get the 888 because it plays better.

Nope. Just different.

the G5 and 888x are both great yoyos, neither is truly BETTER than the other. As for the Z Stacks vs Hubstacks… I usually disagree pretty openly with a lot of Mi’s opinions but she is right. The fact of the matter is if you are trying to learn how to use hubs and you learn on Z Stacks if you don’t grab it correctly (which you wont because you are learning) it can and will (especially if your fingers aren’t parallel to each other AND the bearings OR you squeeze too hard in combination with wrong finger placement) spin off axis and wobble. If you disagree and decide that what we say is wrong, why did you ask then?

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