HubStack Tricks

Anyone Know any easy Hubstack Tricks I just got a YYF Grind machine and I want to do some hubstack tricks.

you have to make them up, or just watch people using em. all you do is grab it really… also, has a bunch of hubstack stuff i think.

You just rip it and hold it and stall it. It’s very hard to catch it in mid-air, and that’s why, in my opnion, there’re just annoying.

Yeah you’d think there would be a lot of room for innovation with hubstacks. I have been trying to make up some new stuff but just don’t see anything interesting other than a semi cool way to get into wrist mount.

I guess it’s kind of fun to practice throwing it back and forth bu its stacks or gyro stall once in a while but otherwise they are kind of useless. I just use them to keep the weight where I like it. And i find it extraordinarily easy to adjust string tension with stacks. As most of you probably do.

Check out steve browns videos, He does quite an amount of Hubstacked tricks.

If you want to catch it in mid air, I suggest getting a G5 because of the Z-Stacks. Its much easier

Yes. Z Stacks are great. I purchased a set and put them on one of my Superstar’s and they do make catching the yoyo by it’s stucks much more feasible. They are quite loud which I assume lube would fix.

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