hub stacks

are they really that great and worth the money? i heard that they are not used for competitions so they are only good for a little bit of fun. is this true?

Yes and no. There are some tricks you can do with them, including catching them, but they can get boring. I would try to get to a contest or meet-up to try them out.

do you like them/recommend them?

They are a nice little touch and sometimes to do a trick with them once in a while. I’m OK with them, but they aren’t super important or anything. Again, a nice touch to the yoyo and gives it character, and fun to make up tricks off of. I think they are worth it. But I wouldn’t buy a yoyo just for the hubstacks. :slight_smile:

i was asking to help decide which yoyo i should get next

Im not a big fan of hubstacks myself I never even use them at first they are cool but they quickly lose their flare although there are alot of good yoyos with hubstacks :-\

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Yeah. Basically, don’t let hubstacks decide whether or not to get a particular yoyo.

yeah its just that hubs add like 10-20 bucks to the price so if i didnt want them… btw are they easy to take off?

Ask Tyler.

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I recently got a G5 with z-stacks and find they slow down the yoyo too fast. Taking them off is a huge improvement…I was wondering if hubstacks would be a decent medium. Thx

Yeah, My friend has a G5, and then he took the Z-Stacks out and put hubstacks in, and that made a huge improvement in the G5.

OK…so where can I get some hubstacks?

on this site under accessories :stuck_out_tongue:

if so many people dont like the hubs that much why do they come standard for with so many yoyos :-[

What? Please explain who you’re talking to or something.

You cant just slap a pair of bearing, O-rings, and hubstacks on any yoyo and pull it… The yoyo has to have the posts in the Hub area…

HUBSTACKS ARE AWESOME!! Thats just my opinion… I love them… I have so much fun, I like to play my G5 with the Z-Stacks… I’ve found with a good throw it doesn’t slow the yoyo to the point of hindering play… I wanna by one of the new Genesis that are coming out with stacks. Trading away my GM2 was a horrible mistake… I hope your happy James…

But yeah, dont buy a G5 for the stacks, buy one because its awesome… look at yoyos for the yoyo…

great point mitch! i want that genesis with stacks too! ima put dice stacks on it though.

that gm2 that james has was yours :o

The blue one… Yeah… I traded him for a C13… Terrible Idea… It was a great trade, and a great yoyo, but I miss my GM2 sooo much :’(

@ mitch: you had a gm2? why did you trade it? that gm2 is hela rare. i would have done anything to get one.