hey guys i want to know if that hubstacks, jimmy hats, bearing caps or whatever you call them are useful are so explain what use they can be in play styles,also in competiotions i dont see anybody uses stacks.


It allows different kinds of tricks, and stuff like that. More of a novelty to many. Can cause vibe, but it can also make throws more stable and heavier feeling.


Lmao…jimmy hats XD

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Hubstacks are useless and annoying.


at first, i loved em. i was all like “WOAH ITS LIKE MAGIC!” now they are just “useless and annoying” always in the way, adding vibe and making an annoying noise after you catch the yoyo. yuck.


Hubstacks can be fun, and they can get “useless and annoying” as noted above. They are not used much in competitions because they won’t generate a lot of points with current scoring methods.


Personally, I just never found much use for them. I took the z-stacks off my g5, replaced them with nubs and BAM! silent and better weighted!

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I think the potential for hubstacks hasn’t been fully explored. For most, the novelty wears off after a bit. I’m sure the truly creative will realize the opportunity and seize it.

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I think someone is gonna come along and totally innovate Stacks to the point where stacked yoyoing becomes a new style of play.

Like Zammy and Möbius. Möbius was only considered 1a, but then Mr. Innovator of the year innovated it to the brink of it becoming 6a.


ive seen really really cool stuff with stacks and 5a play. Other than that i cant really think of cools ways to use em. But like the others guys said its just a matter of time till someone gets creative.


I agree. I can’t really figure out what to do for the most part with them, yet I’ve spent big on stacked yoyos. I like having options available. I can always simply not use the stacks and otherwise enjoy the yoyo.


I find them annoying. I won’t buy another throw with hubstacks.


When I had my Werrd 4xl, they had stopped jimmy hats…Jimmy hats, in my opinion, were better than YYF Stacks, as were Synergy Caps by YYJ…I love my Synergy Capped Aquarius, I use the stacks like crazy for 4A. it really does add some extra tricks, but I love Stacks, Because I don’t mind noise, or at least, I have never experienced vibe in stacked throws. I will get an 88x soon, just cause I want an all metal with stacks that’s modern-ish. I would get a G5…but they aren’t sold anymore…tear of ice. So yeah, I love 'em. If you hate noise in yoyos, then I would say don’t use 'em. Other wise, they add fun to some styles, like 5A, 4A, and 1A moebius.


This video shows some cool 5A stuff with them.

Honestly, I think to people who are still learning widely known tricks, such as the ones on this site, then hubstacks will prove to be rather pointless but entertaining from time to time.  Once you’ve learned more stuff and you just feel like exploring, hubstacks could be pretty fun I think.


I love hub stacks. My hub stack plastic grind machine is one of my favorite yo-yos.


For some it is a bit useless, for me I just like the feel of catching the yoyo then having that feeling the hubs still spinning… The noise is tolerable, you could also lube it if you like I believe.

I can’t do much tricks with hubs, nonetheless I still enjoy the gyro feeling when handling the yoyo using the hubs along with ripcord starts ( i believe its called ripcord start when you pull the string while holding the hubs, but please correct me if I’m wrong), letting it stand using the hubs(tried it on several things, bottles, jars etc) and just playing with them.