Hubstacked Competition Yoyo


I all ways wondered why don’t competitors ever use hubstacks? Do the lower level of play? Are they not allowed? Or is there just a yoyo capable of competition play with hubstacks? I know the Genesis is considered a good competition yoyo but will the Genesis+ with hubstacks be considered competition grade?


There is now a hubstacked Positron on YYE. Most “competition” hubstacked yoyo I’ve seen…

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Hubstacks are novelty and boring after 10 minutes… they make a stupid sound when the yoyo comes back up, and are overall a hindrance during play. Sure, they’re cool, and they’ve been used on yoyos to win competitions. But, they just aren’t ideal. Some people are obsessed with them like they are the coolest thing ever, and I don’t understand it. haha


Will putting nubs on make it feel like a normal throw?

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It will make it less ugly. lol


Stacks are allowed. Just, people really don’t seem to use them. It’s a choice.

Ignore the haters who say “it gets old” after 10 minutes. To each their own. I can’t really do much with stacks yet except pull start them for the most part, but once I get some good creativity, who knows what I will discover i can do with stacks.

I will say the Epic, my absolutel most favorite stacked yoyo, is horribly noisy. I wouldn’t change it for the world!


I thought hubstacks weren’t allowed at contests like WYYC. I think they are at smaller ones though, because I saw hubstack use at Ohio States.


Yes it would be. Hubstacks are allowed its just preference. There were alot of hubstacked “competition” grade yoyos out there. G5s, G5+, Grind machine 2, Superstars, DNAs and so on. People, usually on the forums try to discourage them. Hate for YYF maybe. Most players pull the hubstack because of weight issues. Others pull for smoothness of throw. All in all hubstacks are great and just adds variety of play. I YOU WANNA SEE DOPENESS LOOK UP STEVE BROWNS 2007 WORLDS 5A FREESTYLE.


For people who are to lazy to search…


Oh, Steve Brown, why must you always make the rest of us look so dull and unoriginal by comparison?


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Yuuki Spencer anyone?


i belive they dont add to the scoring, and they get VERY annoying after a while. on another note, how about colored nubs?


To my understanding, a fair amount of the judging is done based on string hits. Although hub stacks are flashy and cool (not that I can do anything with them), they would reduce the amount of string hits you could get in a restricted amount of time. In the competition ring, hubstacks won’t catch unless an artistic factor could somehow be added to the judging as well.

Discussion on style altering additions (hubstacks, stunt pegs, whatever) usually leads to people saying, “Somebody is going to come around and make it super popular.” Proceeded by some pretty cool videos showing some cool stuff.

As for competition grade, that is simply based on the yoyo, and would have little to nothing to relate to the hubstacks. I love my 888x, hubstacks or not. But I must say, a hubstack-less 888x is very nice.


I was going to be lazy, so I’m gad you posted this, because that was awesome.


I love hubstacks


I hope hubstacks to get big, but it seems many people are against them for some reason. I can see in 1a they are pretty useless, but in 5a and especially 4a they can add a whole new style of play. I just got a stacked turbofly and already i’ve found many new inventive tricks only possible with hubs. Theirs some video on YouTube called insult to revenge or something showing a new style of 4a with stacks. Are they illegal in 4a competition? I’ve never seen a competition vid with them.