Hubstack play question


I was thinking while watching some videos on youtube of the 2012 World Yo-Yo contest.

I was wondering if hubstack play is banned/not allowed in competitions. I just seemed to notice that nobody ever uses hubstacks.


It’s not banned, it’s just that no one uses them.


It doesn’t gain points and is generally thought of as a novelty, so naturally, no one uses them, especially in competions.


Wait, I thought they banned hubstacks after Yuuki Spencer used them in 2007. Was I told wrong?


Yes, yes you were.


Yeah… I just had to make a thread about this though.


Hubstacks can affect the sleep time a yoyo has, so they aren’t used much in competition.


It’s allowed. Nobody really uses it in competition. You’ll see it more used in 5A, but not much.

(Steve Brown) #9

The skill required to incorporate hubstack elements into a winning freestyle performed at a speed fast enough to be considered competitive at that level far far FAR exceeds the point viability of any such tricks.

Serious competitors realize it’s just not worth it to add risk and reduce speed.