what is the point of hubstacks

like my topic says, what is the point of hubstacks???

Really now?

You can pull start, grab the yo-yo while its spinning and do more tricks.

idk, fun?

It also works better than throwing a safety throw after a snap start

The point of hubstacks is to boost sales.

Wait, what?

it makes things a bit more interesting



He means when you do a low RPM bind and you have a risk or a snag, you can just pull start so you don’t necessarily wail yourself in the face if you throw and it fails and comes back. I do it sometimes, but i normally don’t have a problem acheiving clean binds.

To do different tricks than what just grinds or regular play allow you.  All about pushing boundaries, from my point of view.  You personally define the point of them.

Also, a rip-start (which can also be done upwards of 50 different ways) can spin faster than a throw.

I usually find the people that don’t like hubstacks can’t do any tricks using them.


During a trick, grab the yoyo.
If you don’t have hubstacks, you will now know what the point is.
(Unless the yoyo has spikes or other spinning attachments.)


The point is to be able to hold a spinning yoyo. However, they get boring fast. I personally hate them, just don’t like the was they make a yoyo play. I take them off. Also, they are very easy, this looks more challanging and fun.  :slight_smile:

Hubstacks were Created by Yoyofactory so people wouldn’t get bored of Yoyoing, and have Tons of Fun! The Possibility’s are Literally Endless with Hubstacks. If you use them the Correct way, and be Creative, they can be Really Fun, and It gives Something More to Yoyoing.
Btw, I have Never had any Experience is Hubstacks. I have had a YYF Big Deal (Mighty Flea w/ Hubstacks) and I honestly think the Hubstacks just cause it to have less sleep time and less Stable. But, Im sure that Its A lot Better with a GM2, Superstar, G5, 888, ect.

They have a lot of cool stuff if you have jedi reflexes. Unfourtunately since I can’t get my hands on the training wheels that are the z stack I can’t do much so I kinda get bored. Oh, and G5 is awesome and PGM makes me want to get run over by a bus two words BUY NUBS.

They have been good for me, this past week. I got an 888 in the post, the same day I injured my back. I havent been able to stand up for longer than 5 minutes, so sitting in my comfy chair, and playing with hubstacks has been marvelous. Theres another good thing about hubstacks!

SO you can hold teh spinning yoyo.