What are hubstacks?

Hey everyone, I just got back into yoyoing and I have been seeing a lot of posts on various websites and forums about hubstacks. What are hubstacks? What is their purpose? If anyone could enlighten me it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Sam

They are bearings added to the outside of the YoYo so you can grab it in the middle of a trick and the YoYo will continue to spin. They are fun, but over rated at the same time.


Thanks for the info Mike, that actually sounds like it would be pretty cool to see.

This is what it looks like

They are a good time, just not as cracked up as everyone says they are. I have a G5 that is fun to play with, but I find myself grabbing a non-stacked throw over the G5 all the time.

yep, they are an occasional fun feature.
there are some trick involving hubstack though

They are totally underrated, actually 8)

Hard to do thumb grinds.

They are bearings attached to posts on the side of a yoyo with orings to hold them on and plastic cup like thing on top of those. They help in matador play and you can ripstart with them. Check out the 888x or the skyline to check them out,or even the picture ^^ up there. The g5 has z-stacks witch are larger hubstacks designed for easier catches but eliminate the possibility of a thumb grind.