Would someone explain hubcaps to me?


I’ve heard the term but I don’t know what it is. I’m relatively new to yoyoing so if someone would explain them to me id appreciate it.

(Jei Cheetah) #2

Hubstacks are spinning bearing caps on the side of a certain yoyo to help them spin while still holding onto the yoyo.
This allows for some different kinds of tricks that you normally would not be able to do.

See video example:

Not all yoyos come with this as it is patented by YYF.


(M²) #3

Hubcaps are those things you put on the side of your tires http://i1103.photobucket.com/albums/g472/abharrison83/catalytic%20converter%20hubcaps%20heater/DSCN2307.jpg

Hubstacks are the things you put on the side of your yoyo.


Lol. OK, so they’re called hubstacks, and not hubcaps.

But anyway, are these recommended?


Most yoyos don’t have them. Recommend? Not really. Do you need to try them some day? Sure. Everyone needs to try them because you might like em. I for one think they are a novelty. Brilliant creation but not for me at all.


agreed. hubstacks are really cool to use, but i think they’re just for showing off lol


I was expecting Jayyo to say this. Lol
Hubstacks are a plastic cylinder that sits on a bearing and oring on the side of a yoyo. They are cool, but not very useful.