What are z-stacks, t-stacks and hubstacks and what do they do?

I would like to know very much.


they are basically Synergy caps that go over hubstacks on hubstacked YoYoFactory yo-yo’s

They are free-spinning sides that allow you to hold them while the yo-yo is still spinning. And they literally have their own bearings, which is why the yo-yo still spins even when you are holding the sides.

An example of some use of hubstacks:

You have that backwards. Synergy caps are basically z-stacks that go over YYJ yoyos.

Anyway, hubstacks, are little pieces of plastic that go over a bearing and an o-ring on the side of a yoyo.

Z-Stacks go over bearings and o-rings as well, but instead of being a small part you can hold, it is the whole side of the yoyo.

Both are for YYF yo-yo;s that use Hubstacks (or a yo-yo with a Hubstack kit). The Purpose of both is to increase the surface area of the hubstack to allow you for more accurate ( or easier to grab ) hubstack tricks.

The T Stack is an extension of the existing hubstack, it clips into place. Works well on almost all hubstacked yo-yo’s

The Z-Stack actually replaces the plastic hub. I but bigger, and easier to grip. Works well on the G5 like yo-yo’s (G5, G5+, G5++, GM2, Superstar, ect) but no so much in the Skyline or 888 because of the size. The Z-Stack works especially well with the G5.