am i the only one that would kinda like hubstacks on the new stuperstar?!?


Many of you are gonna say no, but I kinda wanted hubstackes on the new superstar. I haven’t gotten sick of hubstacks yet, and I could freak out non yoyoers with them :wink:

Did they not have hubstacks in the new one cuz people didn’t like them in the original?


They did not include them because the New Superstar was meant to be a competition throw, and all hubstacks do is add centerweight. Plus, most competitors used nubs anyway, so if they wanted to make a competition throw, might as well eliminate the posts, which reduces centerweight.

Oh yeah, and check your definition of “hubby”. Last I checked, it meant Husband. :smiley:




I think a lot of people are tired of stacks in general. I’m not but I barely use the stacks on the yoyos that I have that have them. Fortunately, the older SuperStars are still available. I think this model should also be considered to be made for a while as well.

The new 2013 SuperStar does NOT have stacks because they would be in the way. Modern competitors want that area open for finger grinds.

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Well, ill have to say I’m okay with either.
But I’ll see how they compare first!

Also, grammar nazi time, I think you meant to say “many of you will say yes”
As the question began with “Am I the only one”


confession: always thought they were a bit of a gimmic, glad to see people moving away from them.

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Most people just removed them upon receiving them and I even recall that they sold some without them on the post a couple times.


Considering the width of the yoyo I think they’d be impractical anyways


I think now that we have the G5 coming, we can keep hubstacks to a minimum. Even better, they should make the G5 like $70 and easily available. Then if you want stacks, save up a bit. I would like that.


Yeah, this would be cool. Pretty affordable, you get stacks, and a pretty good throw.


Yeah. I want a G5 now. Hopefully it won’t be too pricey.