hey, im gonna be ordering a hubbed yoyo soon and was wonderin if anyone could sell me some Black or White Z Stacks?

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #2

I have green ones. If your interested.

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #4

Pretty sure a 44 is too small for z stacks and yeah, it would make vibe/ wobble.

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #6

Nope. They get caught and just become caps.

(DOGS) #7

Uh thats false. My 888 and 888x functioned with Z-Stacks just fine. Don’t know which 888 you are using. Should fit the 44 special just fine as well.


Thanks, how much will it throw it off balance?


i have the 2010 g5 z stacks if you want em’


R those the rainbows

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I was using a Skyline, I figured YYF had a common inner diameter with their undersized throws.

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Don’t figure if you don’t know, please :wink:

I think I have clear ones and “simon” ones, but let me look for them and then edit this post.


I’m really interested in clear ones. BTW what are Simon ones?

(DOGS) #14

The 2010 G5 ones are a “simon” colorway, mostly called “rainbow” though :stuck_out_tongue:

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