T stacks?


Where can i get these?
T stacks are the ones that press into the hubstack right

(Jesse) #2

I believe that’s what they are. Their called top-tip stacks, they’re basically to make it so you can throw a UFO and have the yo-yo fall off the string and it turns into a spin top I think. Don’t quote me on that, but I’m pretty sure that’s what they’re for.

They’ve got them here:



Sorry maybe i wasnt clear enough, I meant the on where you put them in and it turns hubstacks to zstacks

(Jesse) #4

I see what you’re saying. I did some research, they stopped making them when they started the Z-Stack, I think they’re the same cost as T-Stacks were and they’re standalone stacks so you don’t have to connect them. I guess they thought it would make more sense to discontinue the t-stacks because they didn’t think people would buy them when they could just get Z-Stacks.

EDIT: By the way, they sell Z-Stacks here at YYE:

And also YYJ Synergy caps which are basically the same thing but for YYJs:



Alright thanks for doing work. Anyone thought happen to have a Pgm and zstack, and free time, and the willing ness to take a picture of a pgm with them on?

(Jesse) #6

Z-stacks won’t fit on the PGM, I wanted to do it when I got mine but I found out that they won’t fit onto it. I’m pretty sure the G5 is the only yo-yo that fits Z-stacks that won’t vibe like crazy with them on because it’s meant to have them. I think any other yo-yo would wobble and vibe and just would not play as well as it would without them.


Man ok i always like zstacks


Z-stacks are fine on 09 888s, superstars, G5s, G5+s, GM2s