New PGM Stacks Question

Ok, to all of you who already own this incredible throw…

I have just purchased the new PGM. The slick looking one that’s blue with the yellow rings and stacks. I love this thing. It is awesome.

Question time…

Can I throw Z-Stacks (or ANY of the larger, easier to catch, stacks) on this thing?

Well, I’m not exactly the expert on this stuff, so don’t blame it on me if it is wrong. :stuck_out_tongue: But, I heard from one of my friends that in order to take stacks off, you have to take out the whole bearing/axle system or whatever. So I guess it is possible, but I’m not sure really. Hope I helped anyway bye bye

Looking at it (in real life, of couse), I would highly doubt it. The rings seem to take up too much space, and I don’t think the Z-Stacks would have room to spin.

Of course, you could try :wink:

They do fit, and they have lots of room to spin, but they stick out to far and make the yoyo wobble like crazy.

You sure you’re taling about Z-Stacks? They fit a G5. The IR on the G5 is gigantic.

Yeah dude, I’ve tried it.