PGMv2 with Z-Stacks?

Does anyone have pics of a PGM with z-stacks installed, I have a PGM coming in the mail soon and out of curiosity I wonder what it would look like with Z-stacks, if they function as well as they look, I just might get a pair!

Well, some don’t like the fact that they feel like sidecaps when you throw. But they provide much better catch range than normal hubstacks. I think overall there better, but you still probably want the switch the two out every now and then. Other than that i’d say go for 'em.

They dont work well at all on the PGM. Since the yoyo is so light the z stacks make it very unstable and super vibey. IMO they stick out WAY too far too

To add to what patrickcondon said, if you want Z-Stacks, stick with a G5 or Superstar for the above reasons.

They fit in the PGMv2 but it causes the most vibe you will ever see in your whole life. It causes so much vibe you can’t even grab the Z-Stack. Just stay with the hubstack, trust me. The PGMv2 isn’t even playable with Z-Stacks. I’ve been there, done that.

I tried it and it couldn’t even play properly with z stacks. It just vibed and wobbled so bad that it went out of control and couldn’t sleep for more than 10 seconds lol. :smiley:

it vibes on the majority of your throws and you’ll notice that sometimes the string will get caught between the stack and the yoyo (not fun) causeing it to tilt out of controal. just stick with the hubstacks

It basically can do nothing with Z-Stacks. Don’t waste your money on Z-Stacks for a PGMv2. :wink: