i was wondering if z-stacks where a ok to put in a pgm v2?
and are they easy to install?

I think there was exactly the same post not too long ago which you cold have searched for . But to answer your question I would not put Z stacks on a pgm. I tried this with mine and they stuck out very much and caused so much vibe. It is the same thing as putting on regular hub stacks though.

Yeah, not a very great or necessary idea, but you can if you want.

I put Z-Stacks on my Pgm and I laughed my head off. It was acually really funny to see how the pgm played so messed up. It had a wobble so bad that I would throw it down and it would only sleep for like 2 seconds before spining out of controll. I had a heart beat and would vibe like crazy. I even tried the stacks and I couln’t even use the stacks. I wouldn’t recomend putting them on a Pgm because it would not work. :wink: