Will Z-Stacks fit a PGM?


I was just wondering because I had a PGM, and I sold it, but now I miss it. I am going to get another one, and I thought I might get Z-Stacks with it. I know it may cause vibe if they do fit, and I don’t plan to play it with the Z-Stacks all the time.


If memory serves me right they will not have issues other than slightly sticking out.


Z-stacks don’'t fit in skylines.

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He wasn’t asking about a skyline, now was he? :stuck_out_tongue:


I just felt it was worth mentioning…


sorry for the sideways pic but they do fit

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I don’t know why people experienced vibe with their PGM and Zstacks. Mine still plays smooth with them.


I don’t know if the Z-Stacks will cause vibe on a PGM. I heard that they cause vibe on most yoyos other than the G5.

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I have used Zstacks on a G5, PGM, Superstar, 888x, DNA and dv888 all with out terrible vibe.


I think it depends on the pair you get.


Actually they do fit but they kinda rub and causes a throbbing vibe…


They fit but don’t spin. Makes it wobble more than a filthy dubstep track.


Eh I only tried it on a first run red one


I’ve played Z-Stacks on a SuperStar. Was pretty smooth. No complaints. I got a SuperStar, got Z-stacks. Too lazy to put them in. Got Dice Stacks too, and too lazy to put those in too. Nice to have options though.

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Can you put them on the stackless PGM?


I put my z-stacks on my plastic grind machine alot, they are beast for experimenting with offstring! I do special whips with them because they protrude from the side of the yoyo. I have a lot of fun doing that!


Yea but they stick out and vibe a little, also the string gets rapped around then and get tangled up.


I use that to my advantage for offstring.


Yes but you have to upgrade it first.