pgm z stack

has anyone done it? im picking up a pgm soon and seeing if i should z stack it instead of the hubstacks.

I dont see it working too well. plus they are vibey anyway and that would make it worse. i think it would casue something like a pgm to slow down to fast

Ok I have tried this before and with a good straight throw you can get it to work without vibing out of control. Sadly spin time is greatly reduced. Your better off just getting a legit G5 or one of the magic yo’s that use Z-Stacks.

I had no idea you could even hubstack it. And my PGM isn’t vibey at all.

The pgm?

It’s comes with hubstacks.

But, you might have the non-stacked version.

That is possible to hubstack that. But… It’s not feasible. It would require massive modding.

I put the top-tips on my plastic grind machine and while some throws work better than others it eventually always ended up with a gnarly vibe. Unfortunatly I lost my z-stacks but I imagine that it would do the same thing.