YoYoFactory G5 Review

Hey guys, it’s Zomah here, and today I am reviewing the YoYoFactory G5. As this is my first post (to lazy to make a hello post :P), please go easy on me :D.
[b]opening thoughts-[b]
This yoyo not only has hubstacks, it has Z-stacks. Not only does it have Z-stacks, it has color wheel Z-stacks! the yoyo looks great but the price tag is a bit iffy :(.

The G5 has easy to grab onto stacks and the stacks are removable :D! Just don’t lose them, you cant just go out and buy colorful Z-stacks :o. The yoyo feels good in your hand, your middle finger fits right down the middle and is great for arm grinds. The yoyo spins decently fast and has a great sleep time and a nice gap, to land those hard string tricks. The G5 has vibrant colors everywhere! The Z-stacks and the body are both surprisingly bright. Pictures lie!

The Z-stacks unfortunately block your way for thumb grinding, and The combined stacks with the bearing in the center make alot of noise, although you can take off the Z-stacks to make way for thumb grinds and make it quieter, you lose the magic of the hubstacks. normal hubstacks would honestly solve both problems and retain the magic of hubstacks. Well, thats all i can think of for this section.

Closing Thoughts-
This is one amazing yoyo and can please any crowd. It’s beautiful, and glimmers in the sun.
Would I recommend this this yoyo, yes, but if your on a low budget It’s a bit iffy.
overall rating: 8.7/10

diameter:…2.22 inches
width:…1.44 inches
response system:…K-pad - standard
weight:…65 grams
bearing size:…C

also u can talk about the weight of the g5 ;D

Great first reveiw, specs would be nice.
I agree, its a little bit iffy when it comes to price… ;D

the reason i dont put specs is because if you consider buying it you actually see the specs on the page with the description. reviews are about actual play not something you can find online.

u still gotta put them so people can see them when reading ur review

imo stacks are dead, more of a pro then a con

IMO more 5A players should try z stacks, I’ve seen two players, including Steve Brown who used zstacks in a Freestyle.

If you thumb grind on a G5, it will burn your thumb nail all up, and the finish and leave marks. Because of the finish of the yoyo.

i found out a way to take the stacks off, and i can thumb grind now. it doesnt leave marks on the yoyo.

revamped the thread: added specs, corrected information.

I enjoy mine, I love how it plays with or without the stacks. I don’t know where Mr.X is going with the burning thing, it’s fine, at least with the 2010 version. I usually play it without. I also have a review, if you’d like to search for it.

i couldnt find your review =/