YYF G5 2010 Review (no pictures sorry!)

O.K. so i am doing a science project on yoyos and needed a yo-yo with hub-stacks/z-stacks. I chose the YYF G5 2010. To start of this is PURE AWESOMENESS. It is a must have in all collections.

Appearance 9/10: Wow! This yo-yo looks amazing! Great colors (mines aqua)and the z-stacks look great! This is one cool looking yo-yo!

Shape 10/10: This is a very unique looking yo-yo. It has a very deep cut and is very slim. It fits right on your arm/thumb for awesome grinds and gives a very comfortable feel for binds. Again a VERY unique shape.

Z-Stacks8/10: Pretty loud but awesome. I personally like these more than hub-stacks. They are much easier to catch than hub-stacks but are much louder. The ones that come with it are very colorful (red/yellow/green/blue). Some people take them off but i think they are an essential part of this yo-yo.

Response 10/10: K-Pads. Very tight binds. Dead non-responsive. AMAZING. Same response as 888x for those of you who don’t know.

Grinding 10/10: This thing is a beast at grinding! The deep cut fits right onto your finger/hand/arm! It grinds for around ten seconds on your body/cloths! The only bad thing is you must take off the Z-Stacks off for thumb grinds. Again a grinding beast!

Stableness10/10: Probably my most stable yo-yo ever. The rim weight gives the yo-yo a long stable spin z-stacks or not.

Overall9.5/10: One of my favorite yo-yos next to the YYF Lunatic and YYF 888x! Again great grinding, very stable, awesome Z-Stacks, and great tight binds!

This is my second review. Please tell me how i did! Thanks you all rock!

Nice review! I am thinking about getting one.

You should they are amazing

i just ordered mine geting it monday

great review.
i have one, and i really like it.
compared to the original G5, it feels more solid, but the original G5 feel faster…