G5 Yo-Yo Review

So this is my first review about the Yoyofactory G5. NOTE: This isnt that good but its basic.


                                         Shape/Looks  9/10         
      I love the H shape for looks and is awesome with the Stacks and the Gold and Blue sides are extremely smooth and sparkly. Also the H shape maxamises spin time!
                                        Hubstacks/Z-stacks 9.5/10
     I've only played with only 3 or 4 other stacked yoyos but the is AMAZING extremely smooth, no wobble, and looks good! But withour the hibstacks.. it just doesn't seem right..
                                            String Tricks 10/10
     You can't even feel the yoyo on the string. I've had it for 30 minutes and I can say the it is worth the MONEY! It seems magnatized to the string like it knows where to go for what trick
                                               Spin Time  12/10
      WOW! I got it, put in the string. Threw it once, 3:58! With my legacy i was getting 1:58 with a good throw! Not to compare them because legacy is a cheaper yoyo, but still a great yoyo, but we're not talking about that. I can miss GT laceration 20 times and still have spin for a few more times!
                                               Responce  10/10
    Its great, its unresponsive out of the box, just like I like it perfect for whips, laceration or anything! Silicone all the way!
                                                 Grinds/Other   8/10
     The grinds are ok.. throwhand isnt very good because of its H shape but my huge finger is perfect for finger grinds and thumb grinds. Also this comes with LOTS of bonuses with it 2 SETS of z stacks, long stacks, short stacks and free string!!! 
                                                  Overall 9.98/10
        GREAT first metal yoyo and i would recomend this to anyone! Perfect for me, worth the money! Buy them now cause they'll go fast!!!

             YAY I'M DONE!!!!!!! 


not bad, just put it in the yo-yo review section next time.

woah woah woah? two sets of z stacks!? long stacks? and short stacks!? free string!?! who did you order from, how much, and be very specific give me the details.

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nice review