Yoyofactory G5 review (2009 edition)

Ok, so I got a G5 after my mom finally let me buy it.

The package it comes in is just a standard Yoyofactory box. This yoyo is advanced and not recommended for a beginner

Extras: The G5 I got came with Z stacks, long stacks, tip tops, and extra bearings, along with the regular hubstacks

Play: I threw it down once, and it is an awesome string trick yoyo. Doesn’t hardly ever touch the sides, and sleeps forever. never snags.

Shape: Personally, I love the G5 shape, especially the new 2009 version. The thing is rim weighted so it perfect for long spins and combos

Grinds: I love to do grinds, and this yoyo is awesome for grinds. You can’t even tell it is spinning on your arm or finger. What you can expect from a metal yoyo

Thumb Grinds: This is great for thumb grinds. It doesn’t even fell like it is spinning on your thumb.

Binds: This thing has great binds, and always come back at high speed or low speed

overall: Another must have have yoyo. You will love it for the shape, the spin time, and the smoothness.

Grade: 9.5/10

Good review. Could be a little more in depth, but good nonetheless

I think the review is great and if one wants a more in depth answer to something, they should ask on this post. Afterall, that is what we do.

Nice, did you get laser engraved?? Heres my review


no I decided I would save 20 dollars so I got the pre production, I dont really care too much about the looks. I was suprised they were still in stock though