yyf g5 review

intro: i got this yoyo a few weeks ago because ruez4lyf put a review on it on youtube and he said i t was really good except for when the binds get a little jumpy.

first impressions: YOu would normally think that the g5 would be a little wider from pictures but it is super slim! the first throw was fun and exciting because it was my first metal yoyo and dang is this yoyo smooth.

looks: this yoyo looks top knotch i mean the shape is so weird yet comfortable because your middle finger fits right down the middle but the laser engravings were not as cool as the old one to me i didnt like how the logo was messy looking and that it is on the face of the yoyo overall looks 9 out of 10

SPECS: diameter is 2.22in.width 1.44.weight 65 grams.response standard k pad.bearing size c

OVERALL PLAY: this yoyo can do thumb grinds ok and finger grinds are good but tilty and it glides right up your arm. i think this yoyo is smooth but it does get a little vibe and the binds are not jumpy if your worried about that but this yoyo does wobble on the string.

comparrison. if you compare this to an axiom it is huge and not as smooth. but if you do the same with say an 888 stabiity and spin has it beat the 888 is also very tiny.

overall: if you want a good long spinning stable yoyo go for the g5 if you also want a good first metal go for the g5

                                         sorry i dont know how to upload pics so deal with it

pretty nice review. my friend cam has one and i use it all the time. i agree though, the older logo is much cooler looking

got a G5 yesterday and i love it :smiley: