YYF G5????


I’m planning opn getting YYF G5, I just want to know how good it is…


Try looking for some reviews

(Halbach) #3

It’s a nice, stable yoyo. fits well in your pocket as well. A bit harder to hit on the strings because of the width, but I used mine for quite a long time w/ no problems :slight_smile:

(Edmeister) #4

Pretty awesome
Ill sell you a 2010 One for 50 Bucks shipped
Pm me.


it snags a lot if ur not careful at first. once you use it for a while that stops happening


The G5 has a gap of over 4mm. I don’t think snagging is a HUGE problem.


The G5 is a lot of fun. Probably my favorite YYF yoyo.


Yep! I agree! :slight_smile:


G5 is a good throw. I have a pretty tricked out one myself…


My best throw.


Just fine.



I like mine, very smooth and fun

(Mitch) #13

Ahh… Memories… I may cry a little… My first metal was an '09 G5, she’s seen a lot of action… I dont have her Z-Stacks anymore, I need to get a new pair… But It is such a fun yoyo… I use mine on a regular basis… Be warned how ever… They are a unique breed, a full sized yoyo, but quite narrow. Takes some getting used to, but it’ll treat you good…