Anyone has any thoughts or opinions on a YYF G5?
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It’s a great yoyo, really underrated. I use it as one of my main 1a throws, also nice for 5a. I highly recommend it.


G5 is a great yoyo.
stable, smooth, and has long spins.

Right on the same page :wink:

Just popped in to say that…

Any other opinions? :smiley:

If you want to experiment with the full possibilities hubstacks provide, get a G5.

I agree with this 100% but I lost my taste for it and traded it away. It was my main player for awhile I don’t have a good reason for disliking it. It checks out on every front. So I don’t like it but I am sure that you will.

After getting some extensive play off my new G5 yesterday, I can definitely say that it’s way more comfortable than it looks or than I previously thought. Grinds are awesome as well – good finish and low surface contact areas wherever it is you grind on it. Clearly everything one could expect from a YYF metal and it has my recommendation.

hey i have the 2010 G5. it is awesome!
the grinds are great, awesome spin time, nice hubs definetly a 10/10 get it now