I need your opinion on the YYF G5

Do you guys think its worth the money ??? ? It seems really fun with z stacks

I play 1A

Is it stable? Good sleep time?

Thanks much :slight_smile:

It’s so powerful, it’s unbelieveable. Spins soo long and soo stable. It feels like a dinosaur’s killing a mammoth at the end of the string. It’s that powerful. It’s just that its too thin for my liking. The width is small, but I guess that increases stability. ;D

It’s an amazing yoyo. If you don’t mind a smaller catch zone, it’s the perfect pocket throw. It’s a full-sized yoyo, but thin enough to take anywhere. I love it. The Stacks on the other hand, I’d just replace them w/ rice stacks. They look cooler and take some weight off :wink:

IMO the G5 is one o the best yoyo design YYF ever done.
it’s a fun, yet high preformance yoyo, good stability, great spintime, and the stack add fun to it (even though many people say hubstack is just a novelty, i still enjoy them, beside, you can easily remove them).

if you like the spec, just go for it.