YoYoFactory G5 2010 Review


Well, I’ve recently aquired a 2010 G5, and so far, so good. It comes in the ever beautiful YYF

packaging, with the hubstacks and other mentionables up in a top compartment. After getting it out,

I looked at the hubstacks. The larger hubstacks obviously make for more controlled catches, along

with a fun, tilted type of balancing game. I wasn’t much for the random colors of the hubstacks

upon looking at them on the internet, and was planning to buy some white ones, but they grew on

me. I was just relieved it wasn’t a sticker (how I hate them). And with that, I threw it. The first

thing I noticed was that this thing is very smooth. However, the hubstacks were very loud and can

mislead you as to when to bring it back to hand. Another thing that I love about this is the profile.

Your throw finger fits very comfy into the middle, and the other two just rest upon the fine, smooth,

rounded corners making for a very good grip. The annodization is very smooth, and very beautiful, a

good reason to take the hubstacks off. With hubstacks removed, it looks very plain, yet attractive.

This thing owns grinds, I may say as well. I don’t profess myself as a very good grinder, nor a yoyoer

that even regularly performs them. However, this thing shreds thumb grinds, and any other basic

grind I could think of. The K-pad response is very reliable and doesn’t wear out fast whatsoever.

Stick with them over the CBC pads, the inferior version (IMO). One problem I have noted is that the

string sometimes slips into the little crack between yoyo and bearing, a very tedious and string

genociding problem. For this reason I recommend a centertrac or a Konkave.


Diameter: 2.22"
Width: 1.44"
Response System: K-Pad - Standard
Weight: 65 grams
Bearing Size: Size C


great review.
i do own a G5, i change the z-stack with normal stack, give me more spin time and stability IMO.

but i never had a string slippage problem in mine, could be just me though. :slight_smile:


Glad you like it king!


good review! :smiley:


I can’t imagine going back to the smaller ones now, I’m too attached to these. And anyways, I ordered a centertrac, no problem now.

Hope you like that GM2, too.


Nice Review!

I guess double spacing makes reviews look really neat. Good Job!

I hope you’re having fun with your G5!


Good review, but add pictures if you can. Other than that, it was awesome.


Good Review but why the double space


easier reading, less cluttered. Just personal preference, really.


Tidy & Neat Review,Good Job


Hope you like that GM2, too.
It’s great!!!


im getting one this week


I loved mine without stacks. So nimble, fast, and narrow. :smiley:

(Thomas) #14

When you said it shreds on thumb grinds did you mean that in a good way or bad.Oh and great review.


Amazing yoyo ;D
Tried my freinds for about an hour, z-stacks are fun!!!


Good review! Now I REALLY want one… O0