My g5's stacks fall off

I got a g5 today at pnwr and I took the stacks off. For some reason the stack bearings came out with the stacks. I thought that because they were supposed to come off I was fine. When I put hem back on they fell off. They are kinda loose. I got the g5 in a trade. It was very good until this thank you in advance.

Do you still have the O-rings?

What O rings?

If you look at the hubstack posts there is a small channel near the top. A tiny O ring goes there when you put on the bearings, then you put the actual hubstacks, Z-stacks,etc., on the bearing. You mustve lost the O-rings when you took off the stacks

Oh poop. Can you buy the o rings separately?

Im pretty sure you can order them or you can go to your local hardware store and buy the tiniest O-rings available. Either should work

I found them, but how do you put them back on?

First, get the bearings out of the stacks. You can push them out with a pen or a pencil. Then put the bearing on the post. After that you put the O ring on the stack post so that it falls into the “ridge”. Afte you do this you can put the stacks onto the bearing and you know have re stacked your yoyo